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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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About the Editor

Hello ... Doug Scott here and I am a Webaholic!sudbury-miningDiscovery of the Sudbury Nickel Deposits

doug arrowFor most of my life I have lived in or near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

The Sudbury area is one of the world's major hard rock mining communities. Many of the companies I have worked for and many of my friends and neighbours, are of the Heavy Equipment Variety.

My day job is as Owner/Publisher, Webmaster/Designer of

It has now been over 17 years that I have been making my living building websites and providing website services for a wide variety of (mostly) local businesses.

I have spent thousands of hours on behalf of my clients, learning about Heavy Equipment and what's going on with Heavy Equipment on the Internet ... In no way would I call myself a Heavy Equipment Expert ... but I am having a blast learning!

I have uncovered a well guarded secret ... Heavy Equipment Operators absolutely love what they do!

I think the excitement starts in the sandbox as kids. In fact, climbing into the seat and taking a Excavator or Bulldozer for a spin is so much fun there are now *Heavy Equipment Theme Parks* operating around the world.  LOL!dougxmasChristmas Morning - 1959  :-)
My first exposure to Heavy Equipment

When I decided it was time for me to build my own website, after much thought and a little inspiration from the Etta James version of the Bob Dylan song "You Gotta Serve Somebody" (while enjoying an frosty beverage), it just hit me like a ton of bricks. My website should not be about Heavy Equipment ...  It will be For Heavy Equipment Operators!


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