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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Kettler CAT Kid Tractor With Trailer


This toy is actually billed as 2 separate toys, so each has it’s own listing in Amazon but for our purpose, it only makes sense to treat the tractor with the trailer as one toy.

On Amazon,  the tractor with trailer has 38 Amazon reviews and  4 stars.

The same toy without the trailer only has one Amazon review and only 3 stars.

So I guess the one with the trailer is a lot better? ... At least according to a lot of customers :)


Another toy store that posts this Cat toy tractor, only seems to want to talk about it with the trailer. And, after doing our research, so do we.

The durability and safe design of this kid’s toy tractor model was often mentioned.

The CAT pedal tractor is heavy enough that Parents, Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, God Parents, etc., writing these reviews, mentioned that there was little worry about  its turning over because of its sturdiness (one said it can handle anything her very active boy could throw at it) and weight.


Also noted was the fact that the edges of the plastic shovel are rounded to avoid any danger of their kids cutting themselves on it.

  • Many love the large tires and metal parts that allow for older kids to play on it.
In reading reviews around the Internet, if every word is to be believed,  Amazon customers seem to have the most trouble with assembling this toy, so maybe it’s a cultural thing. ...  When people sit down to write things, sometimes they want to look clever and sometimes they’ve just finished wrestling with the thing & are more annoyed than self conscious.

"Most reported that after the fact, when they saw how much their kids loved the CAT tractor with trailer, said that it was worth every bit of the time and the money that they had spent".

  • The kids lucky enough to own this CAT pedal tractor often use it to put their own toys away, just because it’s fun!

Sometimes brothers and sisters will compete to get more stuff into the shovel and then put away in the toy box, or wherever the other toys are kept.

Reviewers often reported that their expectations had actually been exceeded.

CAT_kid_tractor-no-trailerOf course, as always, the exceptions to this experience are few but those that took the time to write about their disappointment did so with energy!

  • The greatest complaint about these CAT construction toys seems to be the difficulty of assembly while trying to use German language instruction.
  • What that really means is NO written instructions and you get to figure it out by looking at the pictures.

One guy, an engineer type, made it much easier for himself by first finding out how the whole assembling task was organized.

He discovered that each page of instructions (pictures) had its own separate bag of parts, and that the numbers on the pictures referred to the the order in which the parts are supposed to be put together, and THAT almost made it easy!

CAT_Kid_Tractor_WheelAnother important assembly note that I ran across several times, was to NOT hammer the secure wheel end covers on until you are certain that you have the wheels assembled properly and set in the right places.

If you should make an error and hammer the wheels on too soon, you will apparently never get the ends back off with force. But, if you take one of those small screwdrivers, insert in the little notches between the wheel & the cap, then tap lightly, the end caps will fall right off.

"The reviewers, when they took the time to write about first reactions, said their kids, screamed, squealed, Jumped up and down, covered their eyes and generally showed all manner of thrill, excitement and uncontainable joy"

  ...   And apparently, they were almost as happy with it months and even years later. :)   Go

  • Front hood opens
  • Front loader functions fully, even works with rocks
  • Realistic dashboard
  • Detachable hauling trailer
  • Enclosed chain drive system with outside adjustment
  • Pedal crank with eccentric bearing
  • High impact blow molded resin body
  • Durable, Authentic & designed for safety
  • Oversize resin tires with a long lasting rubberized tread strip
  • Looks fantastic!
  • Recommended ages are 2-4 years
  • Seat to Floor: 13"
  • Scoops, Carry, Dumps
  • Trailer detaches
  • Ages 2 to 4 years
  • 16Hx18Wx31L
Kettler-CAT-Kid-Tractor CATERPILLAR-kettler-Kid-Tractor-Girl-Riding-b Kettler-CAT-Kid-Tractor-boy


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