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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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John Deere 21" Scoop Dump Truck | Scoop Tractor


Reviewers Say that the John Deere 21” Scoop Dump Truck and matching 21” Scoop Tractor are Fantastic!


"Kids absolutely love these John Deere Toys, “Durable” (rugged, sturdy) and “Well Worth The Money” were the points most often made."

In the sturdy department, reviewers reported their kids riding on it, off road and on road, loading it with rocks, pushing it through puddles, (mud and otherwise) filling it with water, and anything else a youngster can think of, and these toys keep on coming back for more.

More than once, reviewers spoke of having wasted a lot of money on less expensive riding trucks and tractors, only to have them break in the first few months, so they had to buy yet another one.    Go


"They were thrilled when they finally hit on the John Deere Dump Ride On Truck or the John Deere Ride On Tractor, which in all reports are still in tact and working, up to 3 years later, and ready to pass on down to younger brothers and sisters."


Customers reviews, with ONE exception, had only great things to say about these 2 toys from John Deere.

If you’re curious about that one, here it is.

  • A woman read the Amazon description in which it says “real steel parts” which she interpreted to mean that the toy was completely made of steel.
  • When she received the tractor, the scoop was plastic, so she was angry and wanted to send it back immediately.

BUT! Her boy saw it first! Naturally, he instantly fell in love with it, so she had to keep it. :)


Reviewers mentioned how big these John Deere toys and their scoops are, including the nice big handles to make the scoop work quite easily.

  • They take up a lot of room, but are so sturdy and fun for the  kids, that finding room for them becomes a priority, so it gets done.
  • If you want to get the Dump Truck or Tractor when the kids are just tots, then let them grow up to them, one reviewer warned that while you are pushing your kids around in the dump truck, it becomes top heavy.
  • Another said that the toy truck is useful for tots to hang on to while they learn to walk.
  • The guideline is that these John Deere 21” Scoop Dump Truck and the 21” Scoop Tractor are for 3 years old and up, due to small parts that may be swallowed or choked on, but I imagine that you can “toddler proof” them by removing or taping until they grow out of that stage.

One mother reported that all 3 of her boys, ages 12mo, 5yrs, and 8 yrs love it.21-big-scoop-john-deere-toy-dump-truck


If you are not against bribing your kids into changing their behavior, these toys are reportedly among the best bribes ever. And even better, they can still be used over and over again after the original bribe! :)

  • You just have to turn your child’s attention to the toy truck when he’s doing (or thinking of doing) what you don’t want him to do.
  • The moment you remind him, he gets so excited thinking about scooping or dumping, that he forgets all about that bad (unwanted) behavior and instead, starts scooping or dumping!
  • Of course, we’re talking about 2 ½ to 5 years old.
  • When they get older you will need more sophisticated plans, if bribery is still your preferred (ie., it still works) form of discipline.



  • Some Real steel parts
  • Dump truck box is Easy to use
  • Licensed by John Deere Officially
  • Sturdy enough for outdoor play
  • Strong and tough enough for the sandbox


  • Some Real steel parts
  • Easy to use front loader
  • Licensed by John Deere Officially
  • Perfect for outdoor play
  • Built sandbox tough

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