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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Mega Bloks Cat 3 In 1 Ride On Dump Truck

Mega Bloks Cat 3 In 1 Ride On Dump Truck

In reviewing best selling toys, I have found that some of them have mixed reviews, and this is one of them.


The earliest review I found was offered in 2007, so this Caterpillar® ride on dump truck has been around for a while.

This toy riding dump truck is easy to buy at and they will ship right to your door or another address if it is a gift toy. SHIPPING IS FREE, but you might want to read further before you make a decision.

  • Parents and grand parents all liked the big size of this ride on dump truck for kids, from around 16 months to 3 years, and most agreed that it is strong and durable and several reviewers referred this toy truck as a real “big boy toy”.
  • Most praised the realistic dump truck sounds with the on/off/louder/softer volume control.

As usual, there was the one lady whose son learned how to use it the horn & insisted on turning it up to its loudest. She didn’t like those realistic sounds one bit and she was quite pleased to tell us so.


One complaint seems to be that it’s a little too low to the ground and kids get too tall for it rather quickly. The low bottom also makes it impossible to use outdoors and even a little difficult to ride around on carpeting.

The educational toy aspect of this toy dump truck was praised for the blocks being different shapes and sizes that go into matching holes, so kids can readily get some of their shape matching and fitting skills.Mega_Bloks_Cat_3_In_1_Ride_On_Dump_Truck_5

As kids love to do, they can dump the blocks out and put them back in the right places over and over again.

Another complaint was that the toy truck can not haul at the same time as it is being ridden because the bed fits right over the seat.

So, with all that information, if you want to buy this riding dump truck, get more information or to send this toy gift, go to, this link will take you there directly. .



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