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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Mega Bloks CAT Large Vehicle Dump Truck

Mega Bloks CAT Large Vehicle Dump Truck Banner

The Best Toddler Toy Truck.

Mega Bloks Cat Large Vehicle Dump Truck 4

This is one of the best selling toy dump trucks in North America.

  • This model toy dump truck has excellent reviews from parents who have gotten it for their 9 months to 3 year old kids .
  • BONUS! Reviews mention that the little ones pull themselves up and lean on this toy truck, so they use it to help themselves learn to walk!

You get 39 different colored toy building blocks for kids to throw out of the truck and, according to parents who have these toys, they even like throwing the blocks back into the truck (imagine that!).

Mega Bloks Cat Large Vehicle Dump TruckSo, while the kids are learning to walk, they can be doing the *in again, out again* stuff that little kids love to do, while learning their colors at the same time!

It’s an educational toy.

"Every one of the hundreds of Parents’ reviews that I have read says that the kids LOVE these toy dump trucks and 2,3,4 years later, the kids are still playing with them."

The relatively minor problems I saw were with the youngest kids chewing on the little toy driver and the paint chipping, so they just took away that piece until the kids were finished with the mouthing phase.

A few parents mentioned the toy wheels occasionally coming off, but all said they were easily popped back on.

Mega Bloks Cat Large Vehicle Dump Truck 2

One parent didn’t like the toy excavator attachment, but her son loved it, so she guessed that she could live with it (huh?).

A lot of grand parents reported that they had sent these dump truck toys to their far away grand children and that this gift idea was always a really big hit!

So, if you’re looking for good toy gift ideas, this one is a guaranteed winner.

The best way to send gifts any distance is always the Internet, so click on this link to and it will take you directly to the toy dump truck pictured here they will ship it for you or to you for FREE.

Gift-wrap available.


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