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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Tonka Toughest Mighty Truck


This toy dump truck is apparently *the one*!

Tonka Toughest Mighty Truck

Every young boy (and every young girl lucky enough to have parents *with it* enough to know) has got to have one, or risk being a victim of that vague sense that *something is missing* for his entire life!

Well, maybe not quite that bad …   :)

(This model is very popular and it can be difficult to find, so if they are sold out on at first, keep checking often until you land one.)

"One of the reviewers enthusiastically told us that his son’s Tonka Toughest Mighty Dump Truck toy had been at home, waiting for his son, months before he was born!" ...

.. This boy’s first Christmas present EVER was the Tonka Mighty Dump truck and he actually got it when he was 2 weeks old!

While this toy truck is not billed as a toy for toddlers, this specific dump truck had been dad’s favorite toy as a child (maybe still is?), so his kid had  to have at least one  of these Tonka Toughest Mighty Trucks!


The theme often running through the reviews was that the people buying and reviewing the Tonka dump trucks had had the same dump trucks as children, loved them, found them practically indestructible and were thrilled to buy these same Tonka trucks for their own children, grand children, nephews, nieces, God children and any other children that they happened to like.

  • They are big enough for little ones to run behind and push, and strong and sturdy enough to take being rammed into furniture, doors, walls, kitchen cabinets, anything really, kids just love to load it up and push it around.
  • Simple, classic, sturdy fun for little boys - probably little girls, too.

Parents and those who had been fortunate enough to have the Tonka Toy Dump Trucks as kids, often mentioned how much they appreciated the even larger size of today’s model, what they now call the monster version. AND it even fits under the crib for storage!

The reviewers often mentioned that their kids got started playing with these toy dump trucks in their first year, even though they are recommended for 3yrs and up. Very often an older child will put the littler one in the dump truck and push him all over the house or yard for quite some time before tiring of the game.

Little_Guy_Tonka_Toughest_Mighty_TruckAn encouraging note for those of us who like our children to help keep their own play areas reasonable, is from the mother who bought one of these for her 2 year old son.

"Not only does he love it but he’s able to put all of his Hotwheels in it and push them around."

  • Her son even makes cleaning up his room easier.
  • He likes to pick up all of his toys and put them in the back of the Tonka.


2_Little_Guys_Tonka_Toughest_Mighty_TruckRecent improvements that were often pointed out by reviewers included that the big Tonka dump truck is wider than the older models, which allows kids to push it around as fast as their legs can run without tipping it over.

Also, the corners are not sharp but they’re rounded and covered with a tough ceramic material so that kids are very unlikely to get cuts or welts from these Tonka Mighty Dump Trucks.

The materials used for these dump trucks are plastic and covered metal so they clean up quickly and easily.

  • One mentioned that the design of the tipping part of the bed has plenty of room between the bed and body, about an inch, so that fingers don’t get hurt.
  • The material the wheels are made from and their design mean that the wheels don’t harm hardwood floors.
  • Some reviewers mentioned that the new handles on the top make these toys much easier to drag into and out of sandboxes and any other places kids might want to drag them.

Toys-in-Tonka-Toughest-Mighty-Truck"A big bonus, in addition to the wonderful bright colors of these trucks, is that they actually look a lot more like the huge, real life, *grown up* heavy equipment dump trucks in use today."

Quite a few of the reviewers just left their kid’s toys outside, 24/7, in all kinds of weather, for months at a time. When winter arrives, they just give the toy dump truck a “quick hose and wipe-off “ for it to come out looking just about as good as new!

Boy-in-Tonka-Toughest-Mighty-TruckTough and sturdy were words often used to describe this toy dump truck.

A kind of unusual review, even for, is from a mother living on a small and isolated tropical island in the Philippines.

She said that she had purchased many, many, many toys for her 2 and 5 year old boys, only to see each of those inferior toys pulverized in a matter of hours.

 After having read the reviews of these big Tonka Mighty Dump trucks, with high hopes she bought 4 of  them, and watched with anticipation to see if they would live up to their reputation for great sturdiness.

  • Well! She was delighted to report in her update review, that after a year, her kids and their rough island friends had been playing with/ riding on down hills and delivering all manner of abuse,all 4 toy trucks still looked like new!
  • "They're tuff".

Whenever reviewers spoke of groups of kids, like in a pre-school, in a big family with lots of kids, or a neighborhood with more than 2 kids playing together, several of these Tonka Mighty Dump Trucks were better than only one or two.

  • This is the toy that all the kids race to so they could be the first to have control of the Tonga Mighty Dump Truck!

Finally, a few of the reviewers enjoyed putting birthday and other cakes in the bed of the truck for happy birthday and other celebratory presentations because the kids LOVE it!

The kids love this toy truck!

A Few Product Features

  • Wheels roll freely
  • Steel bed dumps easily
  • Sturdy tires and rugged plastic body quite safe for mud and wet conditions
  • Dump truck measures 18 by 11-1/4 inches; 6-1/2-inch tires

"Little dude just loves to load it up and push it around.
Simple, classic, sturdy fun for little boys - probably little girls, too."


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