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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Can Google Maps Coordinate your Heavy Equipment Business?

Google has just introduced "Google Maps Coordinate" its fleet/workforce management tool.

(Only available in the USA for Now!)

Google Maps first introduced in Feb. 2005 has become an incredibly useful tool. Google keeps making it better by developing new ways for us to use it!

  • Of course it could have something to do with Google planning to cash in on International Data Corporations (IDC) prediction of 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015 ... do the math ... 1.3 billion x 15 Bucks ... LOL!

"Google Maps Coordinate" is an internet web tool that you can open up in a web browser at the office (PC or Mac) and a mobile app that you install on your Google Android or Apple i-Phone.

It's now available at the introductory price of $15.00 per employee, until September 1, 2012. (They don't say how much longer it will stay at $15.00 after that date.)

Picture yourself or your operators/mechanics/ and workers out doing a job away from the office: 

  • You will each need a phone running on the Google Android platform (and coming soon for i-Phone platform), and have the Google Maps Coordinate App installed.
  • Back at the office, your manager, cordinator, wife or co-worker opens the Google Maps Coordinate web page to be able to see where everyone is, what they are doing, any information you have updated and to instantly send you any new information about the job or post information about your next job, all in real time at any time .

Sure beats running back to or calling the office every time you need to :

Google Maps Coordinate at the OfficeGoogle Maps Coordinate at the Office

  • Instantly update or get an update on the job you are working on.
  • See where everybody is and what they are working on.
  • Find where your nearest co-worker is if you need some help.
  • Find some parts or supplies you, can see where your delivery truck is right now.
  • Find out what your next job is, including all the details.
  • Have a map right on your phone showing you exactly where to go :-)

You just refer to "Google Maps Coordinate" App on your phone and the answers are all right there.

(You will all need to be within range of Cell Phone or WiFi Internet access!)

"Google Maps Coordinate" supports three roles: administrator, dispatcher, and worker. Workers can be organized in teams and each can view assigned tasks through their smart phones.

  • New Jobs can be assigned to the crew or to the worker who is closest to the job, with the details being transmitted over the Internet.

Google Maps CoordinateGoogle Maps Coordinate App on your Phone

Mr Chu from Google said that with "Google Maps Coordinate", security is not a problem because it encrypts application data.

He also said that the service has been designed to protect the privacy of mobile workers in three ways:

  1. Users must open the app and push a button to activate Google Coordinate.
  2. Users can disable it.
  3. Users can schedule it to stop reporting their location at particular times, such as at the end of the work day.

In Summery "Google Maps Coordinate" uses Google's map data & collaborative technologies.

Mobile workers using a smart phone app can see location-oriented data related to their jobs. Administrators can see employee whereabouts and update job-related data through a Web browser.

Using this app, dispatchers can add team members, see their locations and create jobs and assignments, while automatically sending instant notifications to workers.

The Web-based admin console works with Internet Explorer 8.0+ for Windows; Firefox 8.0+ for OS X and Windows; and Chrome 16+ for OS X and Windows.

Here is a link for more information about Google Coordinate

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