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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe Boot

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The 2nd Shift 6" is the "Best Selling Cat® Work Boot" on the Internet!

Caterpillar_Mens_2nd_Shift_6_Steel_Toe_BootMany of the reviewers for these steel toe work boots, say that ...

"They are the best work boots ever and won’t even consider trying another working boot brand or style"!

In all the reviews I have read, I have only seen one mildly negative comment and that was about the laces fraying where they scrape on the top 2 hooks (instead of holes for easy on and off), after a year to 18 months of full time wear. So, I guess that means that the boots themselves, having been worn enough to fray the laces, are still in excellent shape after a full year, year and a half.

"In fact, the general comments in the reviews suggested that 3 years of constant wear can generally be expected from these comfortable work boots."  

Available in 4 Colors


Caterpillar Mens 2nd Shift Tan     
Black Tan Honey
Caterpillar Mens 2nd Shift-dark-brown
Dark Brown

Then you should start thinking about replacing them with a another pair of the same comfortable work boots.

A few of the reviewers told of wearing their 2nd shift Steel Toes as regular everyday footwear.Caterpillar Mens 2nd Shift

  • One guy liked to ride his motorcycle to and from work and he points out that the splashes, kicked up oil, dirt, and water never penetrate the boots. But, in very heavy rain, his pants get wet and the water wicks down into the boot, so the work boots can’t be blamed for his wet feet.

Another reviewer said that his boots were completely submerged in water and his socks didn’t even get damp! "These boots do their job 100%, even in situations that they haven’t been designed for."

I’d like to mention here that a lot of night clubs are now banning steel toe boots because they’re afraid you’ll kick somebody in the nuts, so check with the club you’re headed for first and ask if they enforce such a policy.

The leather CAT® uses for the 2nd shift work boot is strong, sturdy and surprisingly soft, and it gets even better with time and wear.

  • It’s reported that, like all boots, they take a bit of breaking in, but reviewers mostly said a day or two is all they needed.
  • A reviewer talked about how he’d miss the old friends that he was finally going to have to replace after 10 years!

Some of the reviewers thought the 2nd shift work boot’s size runs just a bit large.


The fact that the soles are slightly contoured was mentioned several times.

  • This makes the boot more comfortable (one guy compared them to tennis shoes!) and the non-slip feature of these soles is absolutely dependable, even when on a motorcycle and having to put your foot out when you stop. The pavement at stop lights is often slick with oil and other dirt.

Those who have taken the trouble to write reviews work in all kinds of different conditions and all said that the boots are perfect for their needs.

  • There were heavy equipment operators, landscapers, chain saw wranglers, loggers, freight workers, dock workers, etc., etc..
  • Some commented on how the wicking ability of their boot linings kept feet from getting sweaty and hot for as long as 20 hours at a stretch and one man was in snow up to his waist for a full day and his feet stayed dry.

All in all, reviewers thought these Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe Boot work boots are an all around good buy, especially at the price.


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