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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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 Timberland_PRO_logoTimberland PRO® Steel Toe Work Boots ... What are the Best Sellers?

Timberland_PRO_Work_Boots_small Men's Steel Toe Work Boots timberland_work_boot_womens Women's Steel Toe Work Boots
timberland_work_shoe Men's Steel Toe Work Shoes Timberland_Pro_Womens_Mudsill_Steel_Toe_Oxford_sm Women's Steel Toe Work Shoes

Timberland PRO Mens Pitboss 6" Steel Toe Work Boots

Timberland PRO® Series Steel Toe Work Boots, Shoes

Timberland Pro® is a line of Men's and Women's Work Boots and Safety Shoes manufactured by The Timberland Company, many are Steel toed, water proof and offer an incredible variety of Hi Tech Industrial Safety and Specialty Comfort Features.

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1918 | The Beginning of the Timberland® Company

• Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Steel Toe Boot

• Timberland PRO Men's 53534 Titan Safety-Toe Slip-On

• Timberland PRO Men's 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe

• Timberland PRO Helix 6" Safety Toe Work Boot

The Timberland® Company (NYSE: TBL ) that manufactures today's modern super high tech Timberland PRO® Work Boots, can be traced back to 1918 and the Abington Shoe Company in Abington, Washington County, Virginia where then apprentice shoe maker Nathan Swartz (from Boston, Massachusetts) was stitching shoes.

This Swartz guy must have been a hard worker, and I would think very smart because by 1955 Swartz owned The Abington Shoe Company and had his sons working with him at what would later be called The Timberland Company®.

1960 | Timberland® Introduces Injection-Moulding for Boots & Shoes

Five years later, it's now 1960 and the Swartz family shows the world a breakthrough to the Boot & Shoe Manufacturing Industry "Injection-Moulding".

This new fangled "Injection Moulding" opened up an entire new world in Boot & Shoe Design by allowing the Soles of the Boots or Shoes to be attached to the leather (uppers) using glues & adhesives instead of the traditional sewing of the boots or shoe tops to the bottoms (soles).

The big deal about injection moulding is that for the first time it allowed the manufacturing of summer and winter footwear that was 100% WATERPROOF.

1973 | Company Name Changes to "The Timberland Company®"

The original "Timberland" series of waterproof leather boots was introduced in 1973 and was very popular ... so popular that the company name was changed from the Abington Shoe Company to The Timberland Company®.

1980 | Timberland® Expands World Wide

During the 1980's The Timberland Company® expanded sales internationally.

1998/99 | Timberland PRO® Series Work Boots

In 1998/99 The Timberland PRO® Series "Work boots for the Professional" was launched. At the same time Jeffery Swartz the grandson of Nathan Swartz the company founder became the Timberland Company CEO.


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