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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Timberland PRO Helix 6" Safety Toe Work Boot

I have had a pair of these new Timberland Pro Helix Hi Tech Work Boots on my feet since November 16th 2011, below is what Stephen the design director of Timberland Pro had to say about the new Timberland Helix.
These are great Boots ..... I am working on my review right now!

From Stephen Amman the Design Director for Timberland Pro.

"I've been in the industry for 20 years designing footwear.

The latest boot that we have is called Helix and it shares the DNA of two of our most successful and innovative products in our family.

    helix-1Timberland PRO Helix 6"
    Safety Toe Work Boot

The first one being "Titan" which came out in 2004 and revolutionized the work boot industry by creating a lightweight, out of the box, comfortable boot.

The Titan was really inspired by the athletic industry, where comfort and fit is really paramount to the product.

The second boot that "Helix" shares its DNA with is a product called "Endurance". "Endurance" was built for heavy duty demolition, [a] nasty environment where the boot is actually used as a tool. They're kicking walls, they're kicking concrete, they're kicking cinder blocks.

The Helix borrows from both the "Titan" and the "Endurance" to create an everyday work boot for the general population.

The Big Engineering Technology or Innovation here is what we call our "anti-fatigue technology".

  • Premium shock absorption through heel strike prevents fatigue through the body.

You pull the insole of this boot out and this is what you see underneath [pictured below]timberland-pro-helix-explodaview

  • The anti fatigue mat that was designed specifically for the inside of the boot is anatomically contoured to our last, as is the insole.
  • The rest of the anti-fatigue technology tools are directly on top so that they work in conjunction [with heel shock absorbers] [and] unlike some other materials that are used for cushioning, it retains all of its bounciness over the life of the material [and] is really about the shock absorption and energy return for all day standing.
  • The alloy titans safety toe [is the] lightest weight safety toe out on the market [while] it looks exactly the same [and] performs exactly the same.

One of the innovations we put into this boot is to reduce friction in the heel [that] we call heel slip.

If your work shirt or pants are a little too big or a little too small you can work with that. [But] the work boot heel slip and friction causes blisters. So, the active heel lock is a live webbing that is 360° around the heel.

When you lace the boot it actually pulls your foot and pulls your heels back in so it's "down and in" which prevents the foot from slipping up and down.

9 hours on your feet never felt so good.

The outsole we use is our exclusive pro rubber compound, its carbon rubber, oil and slip resistant and its unmarking, very flexible, ultra lightweight. It's that first level of comfort that you're going to feel.

All of this technology that we've incorporated is wrapped in premium leathers, waterproof in some cases.

In the waterproof versions is a complete 360°waterproof membrane, the anti-fatigue, activity heel lock [and] titan safety toe, all come together to jell into something that is basically a perfect fit for your foot and allows you to stay on your feet all day."


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