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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Timberland PRO Men's 53534 Titan Safety-Toe Slip-On

Timberland_PRO_logoAll of the people who reviewed this safety toe slip-on model, said that they were very happy to have a safety toe shoe that slips on and can be comfortably worn as a casual shoe. How ‘bout that?


And the ever popular Timberland 30 day comfort guarantee has not been invoked by anyone because everyone who reviewed them found these shoes to be exceptionally comfortable.

  • At this point, I am reminded to tell you that some clubs do not allow you to wear safety toes on their premises. In this PC world, they assume that if you are wearing them you might be tempted to use them as weapons.

If you are asked to have your shoes inspected at the door, since they would never know about the safety toe just by glancing at these shoes, it would be best just to turn around because they are looking at YOU.      LOL!

All members of the Timberland PRO series meet or pass professional ASTM safety standards and they’re designed for service professionals.
Camel Brown

These slip-ons are reported lightweight and comfortable with a moisture wicking air mesh lining that actually works! So, the shoes breathe nicely for even more comfort.


One overseas traveller was most happy because he could easily just slip out of and back into his shoes at those security checks, a modern-day advantage that is obviously impossible to do with safety toe work boots.
  • He said as well, that even with the shoes on for 16 hours straight, they were so comfortable that he about forgot that he was wearing new shoes.
  • Usually, people’s feet swell a bit with air travel, so he’s saying quite a lot about the amazing comfort of these Timberland PRO Men's 53534 Titan Safety-Toe Slip-On (wow, lots of words).
  • He mentioned that the work shoe here is not as bulky as most safety shoes are, so they can fit in his carry on bag if need be.

Another satisfied customer pointed out that even when you can try them on, buying shoes can be a gamble.

  • After reading the reviews and seeing the great selection of sizes, he decided to chance it. Happily, the gamble paid off.
  • The slip on safety shoes fit perfectly (right out of the box). Of course, they are very comfortable!
A guy who had bought and worn numerous cheaper safety shoes, necessary for work, was thrilled (not his word, his was WOW) because on the very first night after wearing his new Timberland slip-on safety shoes all day, his legs didn’t ache like they had done every night, back when he had been wearing the "cheapies".
  • He says "they have paid for themselves just in comfort (and better sleep)".

One of our reviewers, self described as having fat feet, thought that he would never get these safety shoes on himself and that he would surely have to send them back.

  • When he did finally get them on, he wore them for an entire day.
  • When the work day was over and it was time, he easily slipped them off and the next morning he easily slipped them back on.
  • He said it only took him one day to break in these safety shoes and now, after 6 months of daily use, he feels as if he’s wearing bedroom slippers!
  • So he is happy to report that the Timberland Safety Toe Slip-On is the best work shoe he has ever owned.

The Timberland PRO Men's 53534 Titan Safety-Toe Slip-On is a business-casual shoe, and it'd be hard to tell they are actually safety shoes.

One of the few complaints in the reviews was from a man who thought the safety work shoes are kind of heavy and after 9+ hours of walking at work, they became uncomfortable and his final thought was that he would just go back to wearing sneakers, so I guess he didn’t really need a safety shoe?

Another reviewer has had 5 of these Timberland Titan Safety Toe slip-ons, over the last 4 years and he says “they can’t be beat”.

  • And he has just ordered his 6th pair from Amazon, saying that they are incredibly comfortable for standing and working and they hold up well while looking great.

A heavy equipment operator said that color doesn’t matter because any work boots he gets are dark and greasy after a week. :)


  • After over a decade of wearing steel toe work shoes, he just buys the most comfortable work shoes with good arch support that he can find. These Timberland safety slip-ons fit the bill perfectly.
  • "On my 3rd pair in 4 years. The most comfortable work shoe I've worn."
  • "I even keep a pair to wear outside of work, instead of my tennis shoes."
  • "Great support. Feet don't hurt any more." His  coworkers who are getting them now say the same about comfort.


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