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Wednesday, Jan 17th

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Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Steel Toe Boot


This is the Best Selling Work Boot on the Internet!


 So we were not surprised to find reviews said ...

"For Comfort the Timberland Pro 6" Pitboss Steel Toe Work Boots - are Excellent".

In the shop or on site, most reviewers talked about how comfortable these work boots are, all day long, day after day.

You can read all about the way this boot is constructed (Goodyear welt construction, contoured nylon shock-diffusion plate, bla, bla) on this page in the description section.

I’m going to focus on what people said about all those wonderful extras on this page.

Available in 3 Colors



Wheat Gaucho Black

Having read hundreds of reviews, I am now convinced that all those extra features Timberland has built into the Pro Pitboss for comfort, actually work!

Many reviewers mentioned the roomy steel toe box, the extremely comfortable footbed and midsole, wicking moisture away from the foot as especially welcome in warm and hot conditions, not to mention the shock absorbing qualities making this boot really, really comfortable even for double shifts, day after day after day.pitboss_bottom

One reviewer pointed out that after she bought her son a pair of these Timberland Pro Pitboss boots, the athletic shoes went into a corner and were forgotten!

The boots weigh 29 oz, which the majority of reviewers described as lightweight and one even described them as looking and being tough as nails while feeling “light and nimble”.

  • It was mentioned a few times that the stability of the design was great for relieving back pain, even when the soreness is chronic.
  • One reviewer had suffered a herniated disk and the corrective surgery that goes with it. He wrote that when he put on these Timberland Pro Pittboss work boots, he felt significant relief from the soreness that he had been left with after the surgery.

pitboss-gauchoQuite a number of reviewers challenged us to go ahead and *try to wear them out*.

It seemed that the general consensus was that if you took just basic care of them, the life span with daily on the job wear, is around 3 years, before you are forced to buy a new pair.

Quite a few reviewers mentioned that they generally wore these boots for about a year, then as a matter of timing rather than need (or if their wives made them do it), they got themselves a new pair of the same boots again.

Most said that the sizing was true, so if you normally wear a 9, a 9 is what you should order. A few thought that the boots were cut a little too big and some thought that they were a little too small, but they are in the minority.

A couple of the reviewers mentioned some stitching in the back that felt a little lumpy, but all said that with a little working in, the problem was solved easily enough.


  • Quite a few reviewers who work in slippery conditions like auto shops and warehouses, where the floors can have a lot of oil and other slippery stuff all around, were very happy with the traction-grip feature of the Pros.

It was mentioned that the size and positioning of the actual safety steel toe is such that it makes crouching down easy to do and comfortable.

I have to mention that one reviewer said that even the laces surpassed his expectations!

  • He said that he liked the hooks on top so the laces just fall away & make the boots so much easier to take off than the ones that just lace through the holes right up to the top.

A lot of the reviewers have jobs that are extra tough on any work boots.

Some were construction workers on mountain sites (a lot of kicking rocks, wood, pins on heavy equipment, immersion in mud, concrete, etc., etc.), Oil or gasoline truck drivers (kicking around heavy hoses, kicking latches shut, exposure to chemicals, etc.), electrical workers (need hazard protection from open circuits) heavy equipment operators (run into everything!), and much more.

In conclusion, a particularly enthusiastic (and I guess a really good earner) said that he has only bought Timberland Pro Pit Boss for 10 years, describes them as always keeping his feet warm, dry and safe and then says that he buys them for his employees as well.  


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